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Single malts

There are hundreds of malt whisky distilleries out there;

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Glendronach PeatedGlendronach PeatedOur price: £49.00View The Glendronach Peated pays homage to the peat historically used to dry the malted barley in the traditional floor maltings during the early days of the distillery. The subtle peat notes in this intriguing expression complement the classic Glendronach Highland character of the rich sherry notes drawn from the woodGlenlivet 18yrsGlenlivet 18yrsOur price: £99.95ViewNose: Rich fruit and toffee cereal and a hint of smoke.Glenrothes 10Year Old 40%Glenrothes 10Year Old 40%Our price: £36.00View Nose: Vanilla,shortbread and a hint of citrus
Glenrothes 12 Year Old 40%Glenrothes 12 Year Old 40%Our price: £41.00View Vanilla,melon and cinnamonHazelburn 10 year oldHazelburn 10 year oldOur price: £55.00ViewNose:Toffee, apple,fresh honey, honey and vanillaHighland Park 15 Year Old Viking Heart 44%Highland Park 15 Year Old Viking Heart 44%Our price: £80.00View A WILD HARMONY OF TOASTED CINNAMON SHARDS,MELLOW PEAT SMOKE,WARM VANILLA SPONGE CAKE,
Highland Park 15 Years Old 40%Highland Park 15 Years Old 40%Our price: £87.95View A smooth easy to drink single malt,with a luxuriously light floral flavour and a gentle smoky finishJura 12 years oldJura 12 years oldOur price: £45.00View A rich and rounded balance of subtle smoky notes with a sweet sherry cask finish.A golden -hued in colour with the refined succulent tropical aromas of chocolate,walnut and citrus fruit,followed by coffee,liquorice,salted bananas and brown sugar,with a whisper of smoke in the aftertasteKilchoman Port Cask Matured 2018Kilchoman Port Cask Matured 2018Our price: £85.00ViewThe Port Cask Matured has been aged in ruby port casks for a full maturation term to create a wonderfully powerful character with a deep auburn colour
Kilchoman STR Cask Matured 50%Kilchoman STR Cask Matured 50%Our price: £78.00View Nose: Summer Fruits,cinnamon,spice and peat smokeKingsbarns 46% Dream to DramKingsbarns 46% Dream to DramOur price: £43.00View Nose: Vanilla.creme brulee,tropical fruitsLaphroaig CAIRDEAS Cask Strength 59.5%Laphroaig CAIRDEAS Cask Strength 59.5%Our price: £150.00View ORIGINAL CASK STRENGTH 59.5%
Laphroaig Quarter CaskLaphroaig Quarter CaskOur price: £49.00View Nose: Oily,toffee,nutty,zest and raisinLedaig 10 Year Old 46.3%Ledaig 10 Year Old 46.3%Our price: £38.00View Nose: Soft peat,smoke,barley,malt and dried fruitsLedaig Rioja Cask Finish 46.3%Ledaig Rioja Cask Finish 46.3%Our price: £37.00View RICH PEAT,SMOKE AND SPICE
Linkwood 15 Years Old 43%Linkwood 15 Years Old 43%Our price: £75.00View Rich sherry aromas mixed with hints of ripe summer berries.Smooth and well balanced,delicate cinnamon and clove flavours develop into a subtle charred oak finishLinkwood 25 Year Old 43%Linkwood 25 Year Old 43%Our price: £135.00View GORDON & MACPHAIL LINKWOOD 25 YEAR OLD 43%Macallan 14 Year Old 43%Macallan 14 Year Old 43%Our price: £80.00View DELICATE SHERRY INFLUENCES WITH SWEET TOFFEE AND BANANA AROMAS
Macallan 18 Year Old 2019 Release 43%Macallan 18 Year Old 2019 Release 43%Our price: £300.00View Nose: Dried fruits and ginger with hints of vanilla and cinnamonMacallan fine oak 12 year oldMacallan fine oak 12 year oldOur price: £60.00View Nose: Orange ,sweet almonds ,vanilla ,toffee and spiced oakMilk & Honey Elements 46%Milk & Honey Elements 46%Our price: £50.00View MILK & HONEY ELEMENTS 46% SHERRY CASK
Mortlach 15 Years OldMortlach 15 Years OldOur price: £67.00View Sherry aromas with malty undertones and a fresh citrus edge,sweet candied fruit flavours infuse with baked apple,raisin,and orange followed closely by charred oakOban 14 Year Old 43%Oban 14 Year Old 43%Our price: £72.00View FLORAL AND SWEET WITH SOME WOOD SMOKEOld Pulteney 15 Year Old 46%Old Pulteney 15 Year Old 46%Our price: £69.00View Nose: Vanilla,toffee,coffee and red fruit
Old Pulteney 18 Year Old 46%Old Pulteney 18 Year Old 46%Our price: £115.00View Nose: Spice,oak,cinnamon and charred oakScapa 2005 43% Bottled 2019Scapa 2005 43% Bottled 2019Our price: £59.00View Nose: Light and fruity aromas layered with vanilla,green apple,and fresh lemonSingle Cask Nation Caol Ila 12 Year Old 59.3%Single Cask Nation Caol Ila 12 Year Old 59.3%Our price: £75.00View Nose: Delicate and floral with abundant smoke and coastal sea breeze
Single Cask Nation Craigellachie 13 Year Old 58.1%Single Cask Nation Craigellachie 13 Year Old 58.1%Our price: £68.00View EARTHY,MEATY,SAVORY,AND DANK ITS ANOTHER FUNKY MONKEY FROM THE WORM TUBS AT CRAIGELLACHIESingle Cask Nation Teaninich 13 Year Old 56.2%Single Cask Nation Teaninich 13 Year Old 56.2%Our price: £75.00ViewNose: Fresh mown grass and damp malted barley Single Cask Nation Tomatin 12 Year Old 58.1%Single Cask Nation Tomatin 12 Year Old 58.1%Our price: £68.00ViewNose: Summer fruits,wild flowers and malt
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