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Ardbeg 10 yrsArdbeg 10 yrsOur price: £39.00ViewNose: Peat, citrus fruits, vanilla and sea salt.Ardbeg Dark Cove 46.5%Ardbeg Dark Cove 46.5%Our price: £105.00ViewNose: Dark chocolate, treacle toffee and bonfires.Ardbeg PerpetuumArdbeg PerpetuumOur price: £99.00ViewNose: Rich and enticing ardbeggian flavours mingle with dark
ArdbogArdbogOur price: £135.00ViewNose: Sea salt, dark fruits and herbal notes.AuriveadesAuriveadesOur price: £125.00ViewNose: Smoked ham, vanilla, citrus, mocha.Bowmore 12 years oldBowmore 12 years oldOur price: £37.00ViewNose: Subtle lemon and honey, balanced beautifully by peaty smokiness.
Bowmore 15 year old darkestBowmore 15 year old darkestOur price: £64.00ViewBowmore 18 year oldBowmore 18 year oldOur price: £77.00ViewNose: Creamy caramel, chocolate, ripe fruit and smoke.Bowmore Tempest 10 year oldBowmore Tempest 10 year oldOur price: £51.00ViewNose: Earthy smoke and brine water.
Bowmore The Devil's Cask LTD Release No.3 56.7%Bowmore The Devil's Cask LTD Release No.3 56.7%Our price: £190.00ViewNose: Rich dark exotic fruits and treacle toffeeBunnahabhain 12 year oldBunnahabhain 12 year oldOur price: £37.50ViewNose: Fresh and aromatic, seaweed and malt.Caol Ila 12yrsCaol Ila 12yrsOur price: £45.00ViewNose: Smoked ham, herbal, peat and sweet.
Caol Ila 30yrsCaol Ila 30yrsOur price: £425.00ViewNose: Masses of smoke, dark toffee, honey and sweet smoke.Caol Ila 9 Years (Bon Accord Bottling) 56.7%Caol Ila 9 Years (Bon Accord Bottling) 56.7%Our price: £70.00ViewNose: Herbal, smoky, oily. Citrus and peat.CeobanachCeobanachOur price: £46.50ViewNose: Fragrant smoke, light tar, sweet oak, seaweed.
Kilchoman Loch GormKilchoman Loch GormOur price: £65.00ViewNose: Soft, spicy and rich with light smoke and dark Kilchoman Machir Bay UK tour 2014Kilchoman Machir Bay UK tour 2014Our price: £85.00ViewNose: Soft cooked fruits, strong peaty aromas and citrus.Lagavulin 12 Years LTD Edition 56.8%Lagavulin 12 Years LTD Edition 56.8%Our price: £85.00ViewNose: Peat smoke, citrus, lemon and spice
Lagavulin 16yrsLagavulin 16yrsOur price: £69.00ViewNose: Intense peat smoke, iodine, seaweed and rich fruits.Laphroaig 10 year oldLaphroaig 10 year oldOur price: £36.00ViewNose: Huge smoke, seaweedy, ’medicinal’ with a hint of sweetness.Laphroaig 14 YearsLaphroaig 14 YearsOur price: £85.00ViewNose: Peat, seaweed and iodine. Honey and vanilla.
Laphroaig 15 year oldLaphroaig 15 year oldOur price: £175.00ViewNose: Mildly smokey, toasty and pleasantly sweet, like new hay.OCTOMORE Edition 06.1OCTOMORE Edition 06.1Our price: £99.00ViewNose: Sea spray, oily iodine, peat smoke, heather flowers and lemon.Port Charlotte Scottish Barley 50%Port Charlotte Scottish Barley 50%Our price: £47.00ViewNose: Aromatic, iodine, salty sea spray. Toffee and smoke.
Port Ellen 14th releasePort Ellen 14th releaseOur price: £2200.00ViewNose: Mossy peat, rich, creamy, nuttiness, leather and sea spray.Port Ellen 35 YearsPort Ellen 35 YearsOur price: £690.00ViewNose: Subtle sherry influences with hints of beeswax polish.Port Ellen 3rd releasePort Ellen 3rd releaseOur price: £1550.00ViewNose: Acetone, linseed oil, kippers, oaky with some smoke.
The Classic LaddieThe Classic LaddieOur price: £45.00ViewNose: Barley sugar, caramelisd fruits, lemon and honey.Wee Ruari 10 year oldWee Ruari 10 year oldOur price: £300.00View
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