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Bon Accord blog

Whisky – the water of life – is so much entwined with our national identity that even those who don’t take a wee dram are often interested in learning more about our country’s drink.

Its ever evolving image becomes trendier by the second, making it a hot topic across the media. Understandably, we don’t want to miss our chance to natter about the nip.

Below you’ll find our personal blog and, periodically, a guest blog from one of our associates in the industry. We hope that everyone – from the whisky novice to the enthusiast – can find something to their taste!

Our First Gin and Food Pairing

As you all know we are a specialist on-line whisky shop and our pub regularly hosts whisky tastings. In fact we have two of our own whisky societies that meet once a month for soup, steak pie and a few drams. We also play host to many other whisky societies who hold their tastings here at The Bon Accord. We regularly provide one off tastings for small and large groups upon booking. Visitors from all over the world have taken part in our tastings, from whisky ambassadors to eager whisky beginners. What can I say? We know how to throw a tasting!

So it's obvious we love our whisky, but we love a good gin too. Our gin enthusiast customers have been feeling a little left out lately and the idea of a gin tasting evening has been frequently batted about. Well what the customers want, the customers get. Hence the Bon Accord's first gin evening was held. An evening of gin and food pairing and lots of laughs.

Guests Guests Guests Guests

Guests received 6 gins and 6 tapas designed to compliment the gins in question.

A variety of mixers and garnishes were provided at each table for their choosing.

And don't they look like they're having fun!

Below you'll find a list of the gin and food pairings, perhaps you'll want to try them for yourself!

Gin and Food Pairings

  1. Bloom gin and cream cheese and cucumber bites served with chocolate strawberries.
  2. Eden Mill Original Sea Buckthorn Gin with prawn and chorizo skewers and tangy lemon dip.
  3. Gin Mare served with creamy rosemary chicken and rice.
  4. Darnley's view spiced gin served with haggis, nutmeg mash and gin infused neeps.
  5. Jensens Old Tom with passion-fruit and orange sorbet accompanied by fan of melon and strawberry coulis.
  6. Brockmans Gin served with meringue with sweetened cream and blueberry filling drizzled with blueberry sauce.

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